Creating Sacred Spaces

Creating Sacred Spaces

When designing a kin domain or a residence, it is often overlooked that the space represents its place – the home is a microcosmic connection to the macrocosmic world, and reflects your relationship with both the inner and outer dimensions. Interior and Exterior can be used to fuse your ideals to your space. With that in mind, I offer a way of looking at the spaces of architecture through the lens of Spirit. What divine guidance does this inspire in you?

Standard Room                       Sacred Purpose                                                          

Kitchen                                  Healing

Living & Dining                       Nurture Family and Community

Bedroom                               Sensuous places for dreaming (and loving, in master)

Bathroom                              Purification

Play Areas (In and out)          Stimulate Imagination & Creativity

House                                   Participation in Community

Greenhouse /Garden              Connection to nature

?What space for you?             Meditation, Communion with the Sacred

Think about what each of these spaces mean to you, and work with what you discover to manifest your ideal oasis for each purpose. When you create your spaces in this way, they are more responsive, even alive… they become trained to you, and you and the space begin to “breathe” together. This gives architecture that inherently “right” feeling. Then surround yourself with things you love. If it doesn’t serve love, throw it away. And watch what happens.

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