Hacking the Earthship

Hacking the Earthship

In Search of a Natural Earth Shelter that WORKS for EVERYBODY




Hacking the Earthship: In Search of a Natural Earth Shelter that WORKS builds upon the legacy of Michael Reynold's Earthship designs. Living in Taos, New Mexico and working as local designers and historians, we often get asked what we think about the Earthships. When we started posting about common problems on our website, people took notice, and started asking us, not only to solve the issues they were having, but to help them hack the design to build a building that is more natural and works better in different climates.

The new generation of Earthship enthusiasts has a high standard for sustainability:

  • They don't want to cart questionable building materials long distances in the name of recycling and call it green.
  • They want to build locally, build naturally, and build it themselves for the most part.
  • They want their buildings to be cool in summer, warm in winter, the humidity to be predictable and regular, and they want to minimize pests and allergens in their environment.
  • They want to be able to get a permit, insurance, and resell their homes if they want to, or pass them on to their children if they can.
  • They may want to be able to spend the rest of their lives in their home, which means they want the home to be easy to manage, maintain, and get around in... even if they are in a walker or wheelchair.
  • They want their home to feel like its made from and relating to the earth: in views, in light, in fresh air, in the ability to grow their own food, and in a beautiful landscape that supports the function of the home.

What really works? We started case studying earthship builds around the globe, and right here in Taos. We've collected data on earthship builds in 14 countries and visited more then 20 sites in the US - from small to GIGANTIC. We've read thousands of pages of commentaries on builds, builders, and systems. We tried to establish what research has been done. If not on the wall system, what is known about the materials? What are the pros and cons? We built surveys for owners to find out what issues they were having and how they solved them. We started collecting weather data to see what tweaks make the homes work well in what climates. We want to make this research available to people. So we'll be sharing it in the book, and pairing that with a LOT of great design advice and beautiful color photographs that illustrate alternative structural, enclosure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

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Rachel Preston Prinz
Author Bio

Debra Bailey, Carrie Christopher, Michael Curry, Richard Flatau,
Sigi Koko, Chiara Riccardi, Asha Stout, Shannon Colvin Matteson,
Maggie Schlarb, Steve Scott, Craig Schreiber, & Pratik Zaveri 
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Architecture: Sustainability and Environment

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