Historic Preservation

Helping caretakers of historic properties document, preserve, and plan for the preservation of and improvements to their historic structures, buildings, and landscapes.


 biltmorethumbWe are often called in to provide the following services:

  • PlaceMaking
  • Historic Building, Site, Trail, and Object Documentation (HCPIs)
  • Windshield Surveys of Historic Districts
  • Americans with Disability Act Analysis
  • Archaeo-Architecture

Our preservation staff exceeds the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines in Architecture, Historic Architecture, and Architecture History. We have achieved this designation performing Historic Structures Reports; preparing drawings and photographs for National and State Register Nominations; and working for the Historic American Building Survey.  We have documentated and developed preservation plans of linear features – like historic trails, acequias (irrigation ditches), and walls – as well as site and structures - including buildings, cultural and historic landscapes, and districts. Through this work, we have developed specialized expertise in preserving historic cultural landscapes; vernacular architecture; train stations; religious and sacred spaces; Southwest architecture & archaeology; historic trails; irrigation systems; and archaeo-astronomy... which we have gleaned working with BLM, USFS, and NPS, as well as State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers in 10 states and completing building documentation inventories on over 500 structures and sites. Our projects have involved as many as 100 stakeholders (at one time!) and we have integrated the efforts of interns as well as volunteers, which helps us to elevate our projects to community-impacting educational opportunities. Our inclusive approach has allowed us to develop pioneering interdisciplinary research in: revisiting historic precedents to get past style  & into the design's substance as well as preserving context in historic structures, trails, roads, & monuments.

Note: We are often asked to, however we do not perform archival research or Section 106 preparation... we focus our attention on great photographic & graphic documentation and analysis of the site, structure, object, and/or district as it exists today.

We also evolve the techniques that our forefathers used, like passive solar design and natural ventilation systems, as well as unique historic details, to help old and new structures be more beautiful and function more effectively, without dependence on modern technologies like heating and cooling. Real estate clients use our services to help clients realize historic tax benefits, meet city and county design review criteria, and make the homes and commerical structures more appealing to potential buyers.

Preservation Research:
Did you know that Preservation is actually a way of achieving a truly green design? It is. We've collected some great articles that may answer the "Why" and "How" of this for you here.








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